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kodulehe valmistamine

: Kodulehe valmistamine
HECO kõlarid Victa Prime 702


Bi-wiring/bi-amping option,Excellent interaction between sophisticated technologies

Sensitivity (2.8V/1m) 91 dB, Impedance 4 – 8 Ohms,
Crossover frequencies 350 Hz, 3.250 Hz,Power Handling (RMS/Max) 170 / 300 Watts
Frequency response 25 - 40.000 Hz,Recommended Amplifier Output 30 - 300 Watts

Värv: must,espresso
Mõõdud(LxKxS): 203 x 1052 x 315

Vana hind: 470 €
Hind paari eest: 400 €
HECO kõlarid Tresor


A sturdy, low-resonance enclosure is the foundation on which the qualities of a good loudspeaker are built. The enclosure not only provides a volume of air for the bass, ideally it also holds the loudspeaker chassis firmly in place and ensures that they can follow the music signal with absolute precision and free of unwanted vibrations.


Sensitivity (2.8V/1m) 90 dB, Impedance 4 – 8 Ohms,Recommended Amplifier Output > 30 Watts
Crossover frequencies3.500 Hz, Power Handling (RMS/Max) 80 / 140 Watts

Värv: must-titaan
Mõõdud(LxKxS): 202 x 290 x 263

Vana hind: 768 €
Hind paari eest: 730 €
HECO kõlarid Direkt Dreiklang


Heco Direkt Dreiklang: The 3-way bass-reflex loudspeaker of extremes! With the most modern development standards and technologies, the Dreiklang version of the classic Direkt design offers an extremely high level of efficiency, lowest possible distortion, exorbitant levels and open, richly detailed Heco sound with huge dynamics!


Recommended Amplifier Output 20 - 600 Watts,Sensitivity (2.8V/1m) 98 dB,

Impedance 4 – 8 Ohms,Crossover frequencies 200 Hz/3.100 Hz,

Power Handling (RMS/Max) 350/600 watts,Frequency response 19 - 30.000 Hz

Värv: must,valge-hõbe
Mõõdud(LxKxS): 700 x 1235 x 515

Vana hind: 7584 €
Hind paari eest: 7 200 €
HECO kõlarid Concerto Grosso


Breaking new ground, setting new standards, redefining the boundaries of what is feasible – premium components, huge investment in development and masterly workmanship make the Heco Concerto Grosso truly outstanding among speakers.

Equipment 12“ woofer - sidefire,12” passive radiator – sidefire
8” woofer-midrange,6.5” midrange,1” dome-tweeter
Power handling (RMS/max.) 325 / 550 watts
Impedance 4 - 8 Ω,Frequency response 16 – 52.000 Hz
Recommended Amplifier Output 30 - 550 watts,Sensitivity 92 dB

Värv: läikiv must
Mõõdud(LxKxS): 324 x 1352 x 617

Vana hind: 7200 €
Hind paari eest: 6 912 €
HEGEL stereo võimendi H190


The H190 is an amplifier with DLNA streaming capabilities that can play music from any streaming platform including AirPlay. With configurable inputs, a high-end DAC, and a front-facing headphone output you can enjoy the ease of use with ultimate sound quality.


Output power:2 x 150 W/8 Ω,SoundEngine 2,Bit-Perfect DAC

Apple AirPlay,UPnP Streaming,Headphone Output

Frequency response: 5 Hz - 100 kHz

Värv: must,valge
Mõõdud(LxKxS): 430 x 120 x 410

Hind: 2 592 €
HEGEL stereo võimendi H590




A MASTER at musicality. The COMMANDER of any set of loudspeakers. H590 is the name of Hegel’s ultimate integrated amplifier. The H590 includes user-friendly services such as Apple AirPlay, while at the same time embracing ultra high-performance formats like DSD.


Power output:  2 x 301 W/8 Ω,Dual Mono,SoundEngine 2

Bit-Perfect DAC,Apple AirPlay,Spotify Connect

Roon,UPnP Streaming

Värv: must
Mõõdud(LxKxS): 430 x 171 x 445

Hind: 8 663 €
HEGEL eelvõimendi P20


The P20 is our entry-level preamplifier and offers an affordable door into the Hegel Reference line of products. Designing the P20 was not a task we took lightly. Many of the ideas and concepts were taken from its bigger brother.

Organic Sound,SoundEngine,DualAmp,DualPower

Inputs: 1 x XLR balanced, 4 x RCA unbalanced and Home Theatre inputs
Outputs: 1 x XLR balanced, 1 x RCA unblanced and 1 x RCA recording outputs

Värv: must
Mõõdud(LxKxS): 430 x 80 x 300

Hind: 2 381 €
HEGEL eelvõimendi P30


The P30 is the best preamplifier ever developed by Hegel. With its patented technology and hand-matched components, the P30 is a confident contender in the race towards being the best pre amplifier in the world.


SoundEngine,3 RCA Inputs,2 XLR Inputs,Home Theater Input

Balanced Output,Ghz MOS Transistors,Short Signal Path,> 130 dB SNR

Värv: must,hõbe
Mõõdud(LxKxS): 430 x 80 x 300

Hind: 4 992 €
HEGEL lõppvõimendi H30



With a power rating of more than 1,1 kW in 8 ohms, it is on the verge of being easier to measure the H30 in horsepower. The massive H30 mono power amplifiers from Hegel play any loudspeaker in the world with ease and authority.


Power output: 1100 W/8 Ω,Dual Mono,SoundEngine

RCA & XLR Inputs,> 500 Damping Factor,56 Bipolar Transistors

Värv: must,hõbe
Mõõdud(LxKxS): 430 x 210 x 550

Hind: 10 560 €
HEGEL lõppvõimendi H20


The Hegel H20 incorporates the latest version of the Hegel FET-technology. A practical benefit of the H20 FET-technology is a more rhythmic sound. It is simply better at re-creating a bass line.


Output power: 2 x 200 W/8 Ω,Dual Mono,SoundEngine

RCA & XLR Inputs,1000 Damping Factor,20 Bipolar Transistors

Värv: must
Mõõdud(LxKxS): 430 x 120 x 370

Hind: 4 464 €